One of the the Leading TAXI services companies is deploying SWAYAM based Car Infotainment. They are able to generate extra revenues by creating flyers and interactive screens using web based tool. It is very easy for them to control and update the contents via web application.

A Kiosk Design Tool

Using SWAYAM platform, any retailer can make his or her own kiosk with a personalized look and feel. Skin, features of the kiosk software and product details can be selected online using PC. On the other side any Android tablet that is connected to internet can be converted into a kiosk by installing SWAYAM android app. Once updated it fetches all the features, products details, pictures what the retailer has uploaded from the PC. Works seamlessly even when there is no internet connectivity in the tablet. You can create your own kiosk with this tool and turn your store into a hi-tech and trendy merchandise center; kiosks can be fixed on table, counter or can be mounted on a wall in your store.

Believe us it is absolutely free ?

Few example applications with SWAYAM

  • Shopping cart Kiosk
  • Interactive digital Signage Kiosk
  • Interactive, informative Kiosk.
  • Kiosks to showcase the products and their features
  • Kiosk for jewelry store
  • Kiosk for Bakery
  • Kiosk for collecting feedback
  • Headrest signage for bus/taxi
  • Display (interactively) events of your facility
  • Create questionnaires - Descriptive as well as Optional