FAQs related to SWAYAM

Q. What is SWAYAM?
Using SWAYAM web based platform, any retailer can make his or her own kiosk with a personalized look and feel for free. Skin, features of the kiosk software and product details can be selected online using PC. On the other side any Android tablet that is connected to internet can be converted into a kiosk by installing SWAYAM android app. Once updated it fetches all the features, products details, pictures what the retailer has uploaded from the PC. Works seamlessly even when there is no internet connectivity in the tablet. You can create your own kiosk with this tool and turn your store into a hi-tech and trendy merchandise center; kiosks can be fixed on table, counter or can be mounted on a wall in your store.

Q. How do I create my own Kiosk using SWAYAM Cloud based Tool?
A. Please follow these steps -
  1. You can go to www.swayam.sankiosk.com , register yourself and enter your store details.
  2. Login into the website and start creating your Kiosk by creating pages and adding as many as items you want to add in each page using our intuitive Wizards.
  3. You can name your kiosk, name web pages, upload images, create feedback forms and much more.
  4. Select skin, color combinations to suit your business
  5. See the preview and save
  6. Now, Download Swayam app from play store into your android tablet
  7. At launch the app will ask username and password. Once you enter the right login credentials (as obtained in the step 1) your data will be downloaded into the tablet and your tablet would be turned into into a trendy Kiosk!
  8. Sleek stand can be used to display the Kiosk or the Kiosk can be mounted on wall using wall mounts which are locally available in your area

FAQs - Partnership Program for TAB-K

Q. What is TAB-K restaurant Kiosk?
A. Front end of TAB-K restaurant kiosk system is an android application that runs on an Android device and can replace the conventional paper menus used in the restaurant. Using this application, customers can place and track their order using a graphical user interface from the table itself. At the back end, TAB-K uses cloud services to facilitate orders, transactions and to store/manage the data for each dealer and restaurant.

Q. What is Partnership Program and Who can participate in partnership program?
A. Sankiosk is looking for the organizations and individuals who can handle the Sales and marketing for our products on profit sharing basis. This Program is known as Partnership Program. Please contact us at admin@sankiosk.com to get the detailed brochure for the program. Anybody who is a business mind and has a basic working knowledge of computer can become our Partner. However it is on first come first serve basis in case of multiple entries for the area.

Q. How do I make money if I become your Sales Partner?
A. Once you become our Sales Partner, you need to get signed up more and more restaurants from your area and you make money on each sign up based on the number of licenses (or tablets) the restaurant is using. Additionally, you need to provide the local support to the restaurant in installation, creating menus for restaurant etc., using our web based tool and you can charge your customers for creating kiosk and associated graphic design.
Restaurants are charged at sign up and on per month/annual basis for the services and hence you also make recurring money for life time or till he is using the services.

Q. How much of investment is needed to become a dealer for TAB-K restaurant Kiosk?
A. No investment is needed. You can apply for the program by filling the application form which you can obtain by contacting us. Once your application is approved you get a partner username and password to login in our web application. Afterwards, you can use same login credentials to sign up and manage your customers, view your earnings, clients, number of registrations etc.

Q. As a Partner, Do I just resell your product?
A. We do not provide a direct product as such. We provide a platform that enables partners/dealers to create the Kiosk/E-menu for their customers based on the requirements. So actually you are one who will be creating the product, designing the Graphics and updating the pages/products for your customers and providing them the local support.

Q. Which devices can be used to run the TAB-K Kiosk software?
A. Any android tablet can be used.

Q. Do I need to buy the tablet from you?
A. We can supply you the tablets or you can procure them locally or from anywhere else. You can even import the tablets from china.

Q. Whom can I mail in case of any other queries?
A. You can write to us at admin@sankiosk.com

Restaurant owners’ FAQs 

Q. I have a small restaurant, can I install the TAB-K Restaurant kiosk?
A. Any restaurant can install TAB-K kiosk as we charge on per license/per month basis

Q. Is it similar to E-menu software used in leading restaurants?
A. Yes, It is similar to E-menu software offered by other companies. However we also allow restaurant owners to create/manage their own E-menu themselves using our web based tool.

Q. How do I create a Kiosk for my restaurant?
A. If you are buying the TAB-K through dealer, he will help you create Kiosk for your restaurant. However if there is no dealer for your area, you can buy TAB-K license from us directly. Follow the steps given at www.tabk.sankiosk.com